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The Wax Seal....possibly the earliest means of signing a letter or authenticating a document, can bear the most intricate or simplest of designs.... A combination of old world charm and the modern cutting edge technology of laser engraving. Whether the design is a simple yet elegant flourish of the lovers initials entwined, your own personal design, Scottish Clan or Family Crest, the effectiveness of computer designed artwork combined with the precision of the laser engraving create a seal of amazing clarity and precision. Custom Wax N’ Seals provides well over a thousand designs to choose from, plus the oportunity to have any design your imagination can create ~ each wax seal is custom made and individually laser engraved to order on our own premises and offers you a wide selection of initials and fonts or the freedom to create your very own personal design. Your personalised wax seal can be despatched within 48hrs or less (depending on despatch method chosen). To accompany our Laser engraved wax seal - we offer a wide range of Traditional and Flexible sealing wax (stick with wick and glue gun variety) from Waterstons in Scotland, who have been making sealing wax for well over 300 years. We also offer the largest selection of stamp head shapes and sizes (14 to date), and a selection of three handle styles, all handmade and finished in the United Kingdom. Our new exciting Peel n' Stick range is now available in a our new 'Totally Flexible' recipe ~ and is Practically Postal Proof ! Custom Wax 'n' Seals are pleased to offer a 10% discount on our products to Gold members of The Guild of Jewellery Designers. Please state your membership number when placing enquiries or orders.





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