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Dandybox offer a friendly, professional and cost effective service for all of your design, marketing and print needs. So who is Dandybox Design? Dandybox Design was set up in 2009 by Artist, Designer and Print & Marketing Professional Julia Westwood. “With a background in advertising, marketing, design, print, fine art and customer relations I have gained extensive knowledge into all facets of communication. I have an intrinsic interest in understanding the methodology that will deliver a response. I have, through my varied experience developed unique tools and methods in order to add benefit to my clients and their businesses. I believe that key to a successful business is effective communication and finding the right method and application can be make or break for your business.” So why Dandybox? Julia Explains... “After spending many years working with large companies with large price tags I wanted to get my feet back on the ground. Remembering why I first decided upon a creative career I had to make a break, quite simply I love helping and love all aspects of communication. I could no longer be hindered by somebody else’s vision. I needed to follow my own. That vision is now my reality. As my clients will tell you, I’m actually quite fun to have around! But above all it’s about them - getting to the bottom of what it is they need and how to make it work for them - that’s what my days are about, and that’s what makes my day!” Dandybox Design have a number of partners we work with for elements such as print and distribution - constantly evaluated and benchmarked we know their quality and service matches our own high standards. What’s more we won’t hide who they are - unlike other companies Dandybox Design offer an open book policy - if we use someone else we tell you first and we’ll tell you who they are. We don’t make money from our suppliers, we work together for the mutual benefits of our clients - and that is our promise.


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