Supplying GETi With Fingerprints for Laser Engraving

Various fingerprint kits are available to buy online that give excellent results and the clearer the print supplied, the better the laser engraved result will be.

Due to the fineness of a child's print, these are probably the ones that need the greatest attention to detail. Using a good quality, smooth paper can improve the result
and best results, both for children and adults, are usually found using glossy photographic paper.

If we determine that the print is unsuitable or requires too much work to make usable, we would have to request that better prints are obtained, or charge extra to clean them up (if possible).

A visual examination of the print before sending to us will save having to resubmit new prints and a lot of time, examples of good and bad prints are shown below.

As a guide though, if it looks like a blob with no defined lines, it probably won't be any good.

The image below is an example of an alternative method of obtaining prints that we're experimenting with - results are looking promising! :-)

Laser Information